Digital Communication

As an integrated communication agency, DRONE also creates and executes digital projects. We define objectives and tactics, create launch and support campaigns, media and investment plans, develop and post content, monitor social media, metrics, analysis and other actions to win and engage audiences.

Multiplatform Content

Identification of the most suitable platform(s), tactical and action plan, production and posting of content.

Planning and Consulting

Complete image diagnosis of the company, person, brand or product in the digital environment to define a strategy and action plan.

Social Media Management

In addition to the planning and execution of actions, we also monitor the profiles and analyze their engagement, effectiveness and campaign results.

Content Marketing

Creation of very accurate, engaging and quality texts, written by journalists who like to tell good stories and help in the organic growth of brands.

Digital PR

Creation of customized approach and relationship plans and engagement and/or brand experience with bloggers, influencers and opinion makers.

Metrics and Analysis

We monitor the indicators, measure the impacts of actions and campaigns and analyze the results using professional monitoring and performance tools.

Influencer Marketing

Mapping and promoting people in the media, experts or fans that generate high impact and have a great reach to help form the opinion about a certain brand and act during the consumer's journey.

Crisis Management on Social Networks

Mapping of vulnerabilities, contingency plans and procedures protocols, communication alignment, key messages, risk and impact analysis, among other actions before, during and after crisis situations.

Social Media

Social media professionals lead a multidisciplinary team, composed of journalists, PR, designers and video producers (inhouse or partners) who design, create, dialogue, manage and interpret consumer behavior.